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How to Select the Perfect Camping Swag

Various camping swags from different makers differ in their design and characteristics. Fortunately for you, there’s no shortage of high-quality camping swags made to cater to your particular preferences and budgetary considerations. Consider the factors below as you look for the ideal swag to provide an awesome camping expedition.

Material of Construction

Make sure your swag is made of a high-quality material, for example canvas. The right material is dense enough and boasts superior resistance to wear and tear. It’s also imperative to select material that’s rot proof, particularly if your camping site is wet.

Perfect Size

There are three common sizes for camping swags you could buy today: single size, king size, and double size. Of the three variations, the single size swag is the smallest. Alternatively, you could buy the double size option if you’re looking for something that can accommodate two people.

Swag Design

There are three major types of swag design: the traditional, the dome, and the personalized style. Hikers and bikers who want something portable and fast to set up choose the traditional swag style.

On the other hand, the dome swag provides a dome when set up. Some ropes and posts are required to set this up. For sure, this swag occupies a larger space. Since no backpack is necessary to transport the swag, 4×4 tourists and motorcyclists love it.

The room that the dome swag generates between you and the cover above your head also makes it desirable. It also includes some meshwork that facilitates free airflow and prevents bug attacks.


Poles are required in the installation of a dome camping swag. Such posts serve as frameworks for the base to enable the swag to remain upright. Insist on poles that are sturdy because you’ll be dealing with them many times over as you set up or dismantle your swag. Normally, the best camping swags are equipped with posts of steel or a steel alloy. The metal props are preferred for their sturdiness, long-life, and ability to bend to some extent. Another common option is fiberglass, but its poles may gradually break especially because the material is not inherently bendable.

Mattress Style

Your camping swag will come with a pre-integrated mattress. Select a swag with a mattress that’s not too hard to hurt your back (or other body parts) while sleeping. Choose a mattress with the right balance of gentleness for your optimal comfort, without being to supple to the extent of contracting to the ground due to your weight.

There are many factors that are vital to consider when selecting the ideal camping swag. You may prioritize sturdiness of the swag fabric and poles, design, size, and mattress comfort.

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